We are one of the leading ship chandlers for Darukhana Mazgaon BPT port India with more than 3 decades of experience in the shipping industry. We provide full range of marine chemicals for vessel at affordable prices and on time. Our extensive experience in shipping industry has helped us fine tune our processes to ensure that we provide the best solution for you.
Major chemicals supplier
• Deck chemicals Stores supplier
• Chemicals for Kitchen Dish Wash, Floor Cleaner, Kitchen Degreaser
• Hold Cleaning chemicals supplier which includes Cement Remover, Coal Remover, Holdbrite etc...
• Engine Maintenance chemicals Stores supplier
• Boiler Chemicals like One Shot, Alkalinity control, Hardness control etc...
• Electrical cleaning chemical supplier like Electrosol
• Cooling Water treatment chemicals 
• Ballast Tank chemicals
• Paint Remover
• Marine Chemicals
• Tank Cleaning chemicals
• ACC009, Descaling chemical
• Degreaser
• Fuel Oil Treatment Chemicals
• Slop / Sludge Oil cleaning chemicals, Bilge Cleaner
• Drainage Materials - Drain Cleaner
• Cold Wash

Marine chemicals supplier for Darukhana Mazgaon Mumbai.
DESCALEX 25 KG                      -  Part No.  571646,  ::: 81 INR / kg
ALKALINITY CONTROL 25 LTR -  Part No.  571307   ::: 54 INR / ltr

GST extra